Fun Emergency Food for the Family

Fun Emergency Food for the Family

Emergency food does not have to be all serious

Think about emergency food items you use daily. This could include items you may not think about needing during an emergency but we’ll call them fun emergency food items. You’ll want to include these fun emergency items because when an emergency strikes it rains stress on everyone involved. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if you got our your emergency supply and it held some drink mixes, canned drinks, deserts, boxed mixes, handy condiments, additional spices, candy and other non essential items.

Think of other items to add to your children’s emergency food stash.

Things such as a game or two, and a deck of cards could break the choas. Maybe even the battery operated nintendo ds you’re thinking of pitching because you bought the newest or greatest next technology item. Keep this in mind when

Fun emergency food

Macaroni and Cheese Even during an emergency food crisis.

replacing items in your home that you may want to stash duplicate items in your emergency back up storage. Extra plastic silverware, glasses or plates you’re going to place in the next garage sale could all be ideal items to hold onto.


The 4 most important tips we’ll offer though for your emergency food storage and emergency preparedness list are the following items.

1. Prepare a home grocery store and pharmacy for your family available at a moment’s notice.

2. Use what you store and store what you use.

3. Provide ways for sanitation and store water safely.

4. Lastly, create your family’s first aid kit for both the car and the 72 hour emergency kit that may need to be taken with you if you must vacate your home quickly with your emergency food in tow.

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