Emergency Food $$ Saving Tricks $$

Emergency Food $$ Saving Tricks $$

emergency food money saving

Money Saving Tricks for Your Emergency Food Storage

Money Saving Tricks for Your Emergency Food Storage are found by growing your own foods and then the next level is learning how to dehydrate those same foods. The process can be fun to learn by you or your family. The dehydration process is removing moisture from the food while using a warm air evaporation process. Purchasing a food dehydrator could be of interest and if you have one another thought is begin to use it, play with it and buy a couple of the top rated books for mastering your food dehydrator. Remember though for your emergency food that home dehydrating can become a process that sometimes is very time consuming but less expensive than it’s counter parts when it comes to your emergency food stockpile.

Reconstituting freeze dried emergency food

Reconstituting freeze dried foods can be tricky but each of the food items generally speaking do have the instructions on the package. A general rule of thumb in many cases for reconstituting fruits and vegetables, or meats is to add about three times the amount of boiling water to dry products and then let them sit for 20 minutes. There are many food reconstitution charts available online to support your education about freeze dried foods.

Focus on your emergency food types

Now that you have learned a bit more about the different types of emergency food; you’ll need to focus on your food storage program. Remember to plan prudently by thinking smarter about food choices. Don’t borrow money or put food on your credit card. Remember to create a budget, and buy what your family normally eats. If you buy foods completely different from what your family would normally eat it will cause greater stress during a time that is already stressful enough. Rotating food is the key to your emergency food success, use a marker to name and date food items and lastly use a marker to date and name and know when to use up the last of your emergency food.

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