Emergency Food Essentials

Emergency Food Essentials

Don't sweat the small stuff and stash you emergency food.

Emergency Food Essentials Made Easy

Your emergency food preparedness is not just buying the food for the next rainy day. It’s taking the time to truly understand the essential emergency food items your family will need if a crisis of magnum potential does in fact occur. This is why many times it’s called ‘Food Insurance’ because your emergency food stockpile will aid to keep you organized, ensure you have water, survival equipment, possibly gardening tools and other much needed items on hand. Additionally, there are many packages now that will also help your family gather medical supplies and special needs.

Take time now and think of the staple emergency food items that your family eats each week.

What we may forget about in the big picture are the smaller ingredients. Some of these items may be basic ingredients for baking, sweetners, sugars, fats, spices and flavorings. Other handy items that make quicker meals when in an urgent situation is soups, sauces and spice mixes. Popular food staples to consider would be cereals, rice, legumes and pasta.

Protein comes in all shapes and sizes for your emergency food sustenance.

Protein foods that can boost your health during an emergency or crisis would be dried dairy mixes, home canned good items, (TVP) textured vegetable protein, peanut butter, and dehydrated eggs just to name the top few. There are many fruits and vegetables that can be purchased commercially or canned at home. Think about your emergency food storage and how you can best prepare for your next emergency now.

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