Emergency Food Star: Whey Protein

Whey Protein is a fantastic source of Emergency food!

Whey Protein : A video brought to you by KTwholehealth.
Whey Protein are high quality proteins naturally found in cow’s milk. Whey proteins comprise about 20% of the total milk protein. Whey protein is more soluble and has a higher protein quality rating. Whey is known as a fast protein. That’s because it’s quickly broken down into amino acids and absorbed into your bloodstream. Introducing Whey proteins into your diet will benefit you in ways that you have never experienced! Even more of a reason to have it on hand energy when you need it most, and a meal in a glass.

A beneficial addition to any diet and exercise plan, whey protein. Not to mention any emergency food plan!

Whey proteins are complete proteins containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids needed by the body. Whey proteins are also a rich source of the branched chain amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. The body naturally helps synthesize the non-essential aminos but we rely on our diet to provide us with the essential amino acids. By supplementing Whey Proteins into our diets we are supplying our muscles with a constant delivery of nutrients for recovery and growth. When we increase the size and density of our muscle fibers our bodies metabolism has to increase to continue to feed these new muscle fibers. Increased metabolism means more calories burnt, which means more fat burned! Whey Proteins are the all-around answer for a healthier, stronger, leaner you. No other addition to your training,diet or emergency food regimentation can provide you with the benefits that Whey Proteins can!

Whey Protein Benefits for your health, and think of the stress your body would be under during an emergency situation. Benefits include:

 Improve effect of overall performance, by increasing rate of growth in muscle
 Can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke
 Can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer
 Increases levels of anti oxidants in the body
 Can help people lose weight
 Tastes Great
 Natural and healthy part of any daily diet
 Chock-full of essential amino acids
 Helps with fat burning more importantly keeping blood sugar levels stable
 Can improve mood/”reduce stress” from amino acid tryptophan
 Optimize body ratio of muscle to fat
 Contains calcium, which contributes to strong bones and inhibits fat storage

Whey protein is a healthy and delicious daily supplement that everyone should be using. Stock up on your emergency food whey protein canister. It is safe to take, has minimal risk of any potential allergies, it’s delicious, and best of all; whey protein has numerous health benefits more so than just when you’re working out. There is absolutely no reason why a healthy whey protein shake should not be part of your daily routine.

Water purifying tablets


Water purifying tablets, pick up some today.

ER™ Water Purification Tablets are the perfect solution to purify water following many types of unexpected disasters that may contaminate the water supply. These clear and self-dissolving tablets kill “microorganisms in water to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery and other water borne diseases”. A video we wish to share with you,  brought to you courtesy of ktwholehealth: water purifying tablets

ER™ Water Purification Tablets are used by emergency organizations around the world following disasters to make it safe for survival victims to drink from water sources with questionable bacteriological quality. They are also affordable, easily transported, and simple to use!

Why do you need Water Purifying Tablets?

Following a disaster, there may not be any safe drinking water at the ready. When the electricity goes out, water treatment plants may stop. Which is even more important to have water purifying tablets. Why?

As water plants go down or electricity goes out tap water will become unsafe for consumption. Even more the reason to have Water purifying tablets!

Emergency responders may not be able to deliver water to your area safely. And, it may not be safe or possible to boil water due to broken gas lines. So, you need to rely on the water purifying tablets and add them to a bug out bag. Because by having emergency water purification supplies such as water purification your family certainly will benefit. Remember water is the universal solvent as said by Dr. DeMartini, and we all have to have it to survive. Ensure your own safety with water purifying tablets.

Emergency Food $$ Saving Tricks $$

Emergency Food $$ Saving Tricks $$

emergency food money saving

Money Saving Tricks for Your Emergency Food Storage

Money Saving Tricks for Your Emergency Food Storage are found by growing your own foods and then the next level is learning how to dehydrate those same foods. The process can be fun to learn by you or your family. The dehydration process is removing moisture from the food while using a warm air evaporation process. Purchasing a food dehydrator could be of interest and if you have one another thought is begin to use it, play with it and buy a couple of the top rated books for mastering your food dehydrator. Remember though for your emergency food that home dehydrating can become a process that sometimes is very time consuming but less expensive than it’s counter parts when it comes to your emergency food stockpile.

Reconstituting freeze dried emergency food

Reconstituting freeze dried foods can be tricky but each of the food items generally speaking do have the instructions on the package. A general rule of thumb in many cases for reconstituting fruits and vegetables, or meats is to add about three times the amount of boiling water to dry products and then let them sit for 20 minutes. There are many food reconstitution charts available online to support your education about freeze dried foods.

Focus on your emergency food types

Now that you have learned a bit more about the different types of emergency food; you’ll need to focus on your food storage program. Remember to plan prudently by thinking smarter about food choices. Don’t borrow money or put food on your credit card. Remember to create a budget, and buy what your family normally eats. If you buy foods completely different from what your family would normally eat it will cause greater stress during a time that is already stressful enough. Rotating food is the key to your emergency food success, use a marker to name and date food items and lastly use a marker to date and name and know when to use up the last of your emergency food.

Fun Emergency Food for the Family

Fun Emergency Food for the Family

Emergency food does not have to be all serious

Think about emergency food items you use daily. This could include items you may not think about needing during an emergency but we’ll call them fun emergency food items. You’ll want to include these fun emergency items because when an emergency strikes it rains stress on everyone involved. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if you got our your emergency supply and it held some drink mixes, canned drinks, deserts, boxed mixes, handy condiments, additional spices, candy and other non essential items.

Think of other items to add to your children’s emergency food stash.

Things such as a game or two, and a deck of cards could break the choas. Maybe even the battery operated nintendo ds you’re thinking of pitching because you bought the newest or greatest next technology item. Keep this in mind when

Fun emergency food

Macaroni and Cheese Even during an emergency food crisis.

replacing items in your home that you may want to stash duplicate items in your emergency back up storage. Extra plastic silverware, glasses or plates you’re going to place in the next garage sale could all be ideal items to hold onto.


The 4 most important tips we’ll offer though for your emergency food storage and emergency preparedness list are the following items.

1. Prepare a home grocery store and pharmacy for your family available at a moment’s notice.

2. Use what you store and store what you use.

3. Provide ways for sanitation and store water safely.

4. Lastly, create your family’s first aid kit for both the car and the 72 hour emergency kit that may need to be taken with you if you must vacate your home quickly with your emergency food in tow.

Emergency Food Essentials

Emergency Food Essentials

Don't sweat the small stuff and stash you emergency food.

Emergency Food Essentials Made Easy

Your emergency food preparedness is not just buying the food for the next rainy day. It’s taking the time to truly understand the essential emergency food items your family will need if a crisis of magnum potential does in fact occur. This is why many times it’s called ‘Food Insurance’ because your emergency food stockpile will aid to keep you organized, ensure you have water, survival equipment, possibly gardening tools and other much needed items on hand. Additionally, there are many packages now that will also help your family gather medical supplies and special needs.

Take time now and think of the staple emergency food items that your family eats each week.

What we may forget about in the big picture are the smaller ingredients. Some of these items may be basic ingredients for baking, sweetners, sugars, fats, spices and flavorings. Other handy items that make quicker meals when in an urgent situation is soups, sauces and spice mixes. Popular food staples to consider would be cereals, rice, legumes and pasta.

Protein comes in all shapes and sizes for your emergency food sustenance.

Protein foods that can boost your health during an emergency or crisis would be dried dairy mixes, home canned good items, (TVP) textured vegetable protein, peanut butter, and dehydrated eggs just to name the top few. There are many fruits and vegetables that can be purchased commercially or canned at home. Think about your emergency food storage and how you can best prepare for your next emergency now.

Types of Emergency Food

Types of Emergency Food

emergency food dehydratedDehydrated foods are not just for emergency food storage.

This is something to keep on hand? You may be asking why should I consider this type of emergency food. There are many reasons, but some of the best benefits to having dehydrated foods is it weighs less, ease of storing it (tightly packed) which requires less space. Even more important is it’s economical standpoint, when reconstituted it yield more than double of what the original weight started. Usually it’s less expensive than wet pack foods, and when you buy dehydrated foods you’re not paying for all the additional water pack.

Your dehydrated emergency food with its many benefits provide one more important value.

You can rehydrate your dehydrated foods for use later. The reconstituted dehydrated foods still taste and store great not to mention in its dry format you can store them for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about improper storing, bad canning and other issues with doing emergency food storage yourself. Lastly, most dried food items will keep up to 5 to 10 years to support your family.

Freeze dried foods have many of the similar characteristics to dehydrated foods; however, water has all been taken out to it’s even more lighter in weight than it’s dehydrated counterpart. This particular type of food is the ideal and has become the ideal or popular selection for back packers, mountain climbers and other adventurists. You will find it to be a bit more expensive because of the greater complex process to remove the water. There are though more food item selections in the freeze dried foods selection and more commercially available products.

Emergency food items to keep in mind are not only food products for eating but many of the simple small things we probably take for granted. Think of the small items that make your meal easy to consume and be sure to have these stored away for the emergency at hand. Items you may wish to add to your checklist could be paper or plastic products to eat off of during meals. Food sandwich bags in many different sizes or plastic containers. Cooking items or utensils? Think of what you would use from your kitchen during a week and prepare an on the go bag. Just in case you would need to leave your home during the emergency at hand. Other items many forget about are cleaners, personal hygiene products, personal clothing, and other essential items for your family that we’ll dig further into.
Remember when you start purchasing this emergency food stock pile that you must avoid being wasteful. Some of this food can be expensive and not something to take advantage of during the moment.

So be mindful to rotate your emergency food when needed.

Other money savings tips your parents probably remind you of is buy in bulk to save money only on items you know you’ll be using on a daily basis. Planting your own garden now is going by the way side, but an art none the less. Growing your own food could be something that will support you and your family during a long emergency or crisis. Understanding that technology has its place when you think about emergency food supplies though think of it from the understanding you’ll have no access to anything? What would you need to do next?

Emergency Food Cost Comparison by Supplier

Emergency Food Cost Comparison by Supplier

There will be times when you or your family will need emergency food to survive on your own.

Certain emergencies will require or mean having your own food, water, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least three days. Local officials, Community Relief Agents and Relief Workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but the truth is they cannot reach everyone immediately. Having emergency food on hand could be your best bet if you don’t receive help for hours, days, or it might take months if this is the uncertainty of a true emergency. We provide the knowledge and education as to why emergency foods outlets are something you should research today. Not just for 2012, the next power outage or a natural disaster. Having affordable ready-made emergency food such as (FDF) freeze dried foods, and MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) for emergency preparedness and outdoor use is simply being prudent, smart and covered when you need it most. We have enhanced our site to educate a family or an individual with everything it takes to survive a situation where basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and telephones may be shut off for days, or considerably longer.

freeze dried foods

emergency food when you need it most!

Our site offers options to your family’s emergency food stock!

We’ve highlighted the top 14 companies that give emergency food convenience and the figures below represent dollars spent for each package shared. Each of them are listed to show how they are able to save your family money on your emergency foods options.  Remember to think about the time frame you need covered for different situations. It’s not if you’ll need these supplies but when you’ll need coverage for  3 days, 1 month and 1 year to provide for your emergency food coverage. They are placed by cost, type of packages offered and we believe through much research all of these contacts offer premium emergency food outlets for freeze dried foods, survival kits, water filtration systems, water storage containers, natural fuel camping stoves, non hybrid seeds, radiation protection, emergency rafts, and survival knives to serve your family when you need it most.

Emergency Foods

Get to know these Freeze Dried Foods Resources

The simplest way to build your emergency food supplies is to keep it simple.

Some of these top emergency food packages serve their purpose but keep some other tips in mind. Remember to put a few things back to build a small supply of emergency food that is a part of your daily diet. This could be a myriad of other products up to and including canned foods, bagged food and other MRE type packages. In addition to one of the above plans  purchase just a few more food items during a grocery store trip. Purchasing just a few items each week will gradually increase your family’s supply until it’s sufficient for three days to three months. Remember though if you collect emergency food for your family using this simple method. It ensures your safety and money saving efforts are secured by rotating the food often. You’ll have to use your simple canned goods or you’ll lose it after a certain period of time. This is the benefit to selecting many types of emergency food which have a very long shelf life.

Benefits of freeze dried foods

Freeze dried foods are quickly re-hydrated, and can be compared to foods found in the frozen aisle of your supermarket.

Not only do freeze-dried foods re-hydrate extremely well, you can create meals to taste very much like they do when you’ve cooked a fresh meal right a home. The process of freeze drying simply removes the water and oxygen, not the flavor. Dehydrated and freeze dried foods like onions are an excellent addition to dried soups and other essential foods that our body requires during emergency situations. As mentioned earlier, we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, but finding ways of not just sustaining but living our highest nutritional intake that our body requires is the top priority.

So many emergency food experts advise using freeze dried foods for long term emergency food storage.

They taste good, their freshness stays preserved and even better they last a long time. Plus they’re light if you need to carry several weeks worth of meals with you it is the ideal emergency food. Many freeze dried emergency food packages can be stored so they don’t attract attention from nosy neighbours. Family food Security storage systems are just one of the highest quality freeze dried food available for emergency survival food storage. All freeze dried foods provide the nutrition, flavor, and multi-year storage life needed for personal or community emergency and disaster preparedness.

Freeze dried foods can be found in many survival food storage systems. These food systems combined of many different foods with freeze dried foods being one component combine great-tasting food with outstanding storability and exceptional economy. Mountain House, is an example of one of the largest in the freeze dried foods storage business. Freeze dried foods can be relied on with confidence. All foods are fresh, dried, storable food , or commonly referred as dehydrated and freeze dried foods. Freeze dried foods make up the perfect emergency food. Aside from the fact that it is not as expensive, freeze dried foods can also be considered a food suitable for long term storage . We have tend to find though you’ll pay more for freeze dried food over dehydrated food. Either one of these types though allow you to continue forward without having to worry about the expiration date and whether the food is spoiled or not. Emergency food storage is a smart purchase for those wishing to give their family a little more future security.

The best practice with your freeze dried foods storage is to store what you use and use what you store.

In other words, when you begin long term food storage, this is a lifestyle change just as with any other habits you create. Make sure you only purchase the food your family will eat and rotate your freeze dried foods on a regular basis with the foods you are currently eating. This prevents waste of both food and money. During emergency food times, do not expect that you can eat fresh-tasting fruits any time you want them.  Right?

So, remember freeze dried foods and or dehydrated foods are the ‘gold standard’ for your emergency food on hand items simply due to convenience, shelf life, weight and nutritional benefits in a tiny packet.

Emergency Food Preparedness

There are many of us who may feel, why prepare with emergency food?

Is it really that important for emergency food? I’ll go to the grocery store to pick up what I need.  There will never be a time I can’t pick up my cigarettes?  Maybe even the 12 pack of diet coke.  Every thing will always be at the ready.  No need to prepare for 2012 because those people are just crazy?

Find emergency food and step out of the long lines before it’s too late?

ultimate emergency food preparedness

EmergencyFoodX get prepared Now

Many emergency food type items are necessary for any type of survival experience to provide emergency food when it’s needed most for your family and loved ones. Other reasons why emergency food becomes important is when hiking, exploring and/or camping, it is important to take along these simple emergency food materials that we’ll share with you know.

Basic items on the list should be convenient emergency food for sustenance or mere survival. These items become necessary until wild game or fish can be caught for dinner later when you become skilled to catch your dinner! If hiking for only one day, then food packets may suffice. Other items to keep in mind would be a canteen or water bag – critical in all situations something your family should have on hand.  Inclement weather stuck in your vehicle, out biking with a flat tire, family road trip where you’re stranded and many other life scenarios are all important reasons for emergency food back up.

The same reason you keep emergency food is the same reason you would keep on hand a first aid kit – important for treating any wounds or injuries. Wooden matches and a waterproof matchbox – may make a vital difference when surviving for two or more days.  You can enjoy the freshly cooked food over a fire from your emergency food pack.

Not that it has anything to do with emergency food but a relatively new sleeping bag that is solidly constructed – necessary for over-night ventures. Keep in mind that a newer sleeping bag is generally, all things being equal, more comfortable and warmer.  More upgraded to keep you continually warm and won’t have broken zippers to contend with each time you get in and out of it. Nothing creates a more relaxed and healthy person than being fed, sleeping comfortably and knowing you’ve planned with the end in mind. No matter how the end may come to you!

Items that are important and get forgotten may times would be  signal flares, a frying pan, a fishing kit, a can opener, a knife, a small shovel or hand spade, a signaling mirror, a compass and a survival manual – these should be on your mandatory short list of important emergency food survival kit items.

The most important thing to keep in mind is if you take specific medications on a daily basis these should be included in any emergency food survival kit.  Regardless if the medications are for yourself or for another member of your family stay prepared.  Allergy medications, cold sores under stress, Advil for survival headaches and other unexpected ailments during your time without conveniences because some of these items in an emergency food situation we just simply forget.

What Your Must Know About Emergency food Outdoor Survival Kits

Whether you’re in a cold climate or warm climates remember your emergency food kit will vary slightly in contents due to their unique respective weather needs. For instance, in hot climates sunscreen and bug mesh may be necessary for emergency preparedness food kits. And even different hot climates may have different needs.  Traveling through a forest, for example, is a totally different experience than crossing a desert. The forest provides more possibility for emergency food, water and the creation of shelter. A dry, hot desert, on the other hand, can be exceptionally unforgiving – whether it is a sandy desert or a rocky one.

Alternatively, camping and hiking in cold weather can be a real challenge. It frequently numbs the body and the mind making it harder to concentrate on finding the needed emergency food for your family.
This is why snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts playing in the snow should always remember emergency food and staying warm eventually becomes the primary focus. Water expeditions can tend to make matters even more complicated when it comes to your emergency food situation as this could require a certain number of additional items such as an inflatable raft, a water repellent hiking suit and emergency food packed in plastic bags to keep it safe from harm. Regardless of the emergency food pack you choose for your family, keep in mind that it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of hiking, camping and other survivalist ideas because any of the discussed can take us by surprise. Fortunately, knowledge and skills can be acquired through mini-courses that are offered at community colleges and your local YMCA.

Remember, emergency food preparation doesn’t just include material items.  It also includes knowledge…which can mean the difference between survival, and…well…you get the picture. Finding your way through the books, websites and research with regards to your emergency food resources is what we’re here to share. Emergency Food is essential.