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Our visitors should be looking out for these three main items when they want to know more about our emergency food review firm or other emergency food professional website companies or affiliates we may represent from time to time on our website.

We are EmergencyFoodx bringing to you our research of emergency food preparedness.

Our history is simple, honesty, respect and shared knowledge given to our website visitors  interested in finding or seeking out the best knowledge out there about the diffferent resources for emergency food they can find for themselves. We would enjoy hearing sites you many have found out there while researching for your own family? Feel free to share in our blogging community. 

Emergency food needs are unexpected

Emergency food needs are unexpected

Our mission is simple, being prepared in our current economy is no longer just for boy scouts when it comes to emergency food preparedness.

Regardless of what the future holds as a community and a nation we all have the responsibility of ‘preparing’ for situations. Let that time be know, as our nation is in financial disaster which means less funds to be spent on each of us if something does go wrong in our very near future. We feel that it is the responsibility of each of us to care and cover ourselves in times of an emergency food crisis.

We’re providing this assorted background emergency food information on our About Us page to give you a better idea about our view point.

We intended to tailor our emergency food about us page to you the consumer. Drop an email about questions you may have on hand, research you’ve found to be helpful or resources you’ve personally used when it came to emergency food preparedness.